How Mindfulness helps with perspective and stress anxiety and depression management

A Sutra for yr Sunday

These series of photos remind me of a Meditation I often give in class that people have said they find beneficial. I’ve included it & the neuroscience of what it’s actually doing below. The photos are of one my favourite places to slow down & practice Yoga + Mindfulness , my home town of @bowen @whitsundaysqld , where we are taking you for our NRG FOR SOUL RETREAT .

A great meditation that will give your mind a “Retreat” from excessive thinking & great perspective (until then) is this one . Add it to your practice during Savasana or at the end of a Yoga Nidra practice 👉

🌎Imagine taking a birds eye view of your body, lying on the yoga mat…..
🌎then take the view higher + higher all the way out to “sea/see” .
🌎Still seeing you in the bigger picture of this big state of @queensland ……
🌎Then take the view higher to see you lying on your yoga mat in this beautiful country of @australia ……
🌎then planet @earth …..
🌎then the whole @universe .

🌎Now bring your focus back little by little narrowing the lens all the way back to your body .

This gives the parts of the brain that produce excessive thinking a rest. It also reminds us paradoxically we are nothing but a little spec in the broader picture. Yet so much to be grateful for.💧How we think & feel has a Ripple Effect on our entire universe & the way we see things.

If ever you find yourself too narrow in your focus, obsessing about one little thing or issue 👉 take the lens of your mind higher.

Not only will it give you some breathing space , it will put things into a better and more real & useful perspective . The Amygdala gets a rest which is in charge of fight flight freeze please responses that get us ready to go to battle or run.

Mindfulness helps us concentrate & focus for sure. We all benefit from learning those skills especially in today’s obsession with multi tasking & constant pop up notifications. In Mindfulness Teacher Training we learn more about the Focusing networks & Defocusing networks of the mind and how / when to practically apply these specific meditations to help you manage stress, anxiety, depression or just give you more access to joy.

Personally I find the biggest impact it has though is it can also give us perspective and in turn Gratitude!

Evidence shows we only use a very small percentage of our brain & most thoughts we have, we keep repeating or have had before.

So what are we doing with the rest of the brain. Why not train it to its fullest capacity …… not for more thinking but more gratitude. A skill worth working on not just for your benefit but for everyone in your vicinity ……and that goes far beyond where you initially may think.

💧Enjoy your Mindfulness Practice


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