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Mindfulness for your Monday

Stop the Snow Ball Mind
3 Steps Below
The “Snow Ball” effect in the mind was a term used by one of our Teacher Trainees , Katlin she shares her own examples on a clip / new post up @yoganrg_mindfulness_training .
We all know it
It gathers momentum, speed & gets away on you.
Especially if there are perceived differences.

For me I have more of a chance of being able to pull off this 3 Step Action Plan if I’m taking that time first thing in the morning to Meditate.

1. Step Back
2. Step Up
3. Full Stop

(Warning ~ may take extended periods of time & repetition😉 and can be done in reverse ~ that works too)

Stepping back from the next comment the mind wants to add in takes patience, practice & perseverance

Stepping up
Take a helicopter view of what’s really going on ~ the bigger picture!
This one is I guess putting your big girl/boy pants on (takes humility) a bit hard when your hungry, fearful or like to be “right” 😉 be the bigger person or the best version of yourself. This is where we may want to throw the toys out the cot or where you see aspects of yourself that you may not like / or tend to judge.

Full Stop
This is one of my favourites as my mind runs away (like the snow ball) I have a little “full stop subtle dance move”
As the mind starts to gather up speed……A a a Full Stop. End of sentence.

This way you can witness the Snow Ball without being wiped out by the Avalanche

I have plenty of examples. Katlin has shared one of hers too.

What are yours?
The thoughts that create tension unnecessarily?

Try the
Step back
Step up
Full Stop

See how you go
Enjoy the snow

Next Mindfulness Teacher Training starts October

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