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The Gold of the Goal – Reflective Meditation to Strengthen Abundance

As I was driving to teach Yoga at Moffat Beach this morning it dawned on me ~ wow its not only the last Saturday class for the year but for the decade! So often we can be on to the next thing before we know it or before we have given due diligence to all that has been and gone.  The trend is to bounce into setting goals before we have even had a chance to reflect on what was great about today, this year or the past ten years.

Without genuine time in reflection our goals can be driven by the never ending chase of wanting to get what we want so we can finally be happy. Without time spent in reflecting we can miss an opportunity for our gratitude to ripen and become a part of our fabric , part of how we perceive the world . Sometimes our never-ending striving habits can even get in the way of doing the things that bring us the most joy or that are good for us.

Giving yourself time as part of the ritual of yoga (“union” which means to integrate or to ‘make whole)  to reflect on all that you have accomplished over the last ten years can actually help us with our goals for the future. It’s easy to get caught up in the endless addiction of do more, achieve more , to give more to get the rewards.  But what is the reward you are seeking?

A good question to ask before making big and bold steps toward your goals is  What is it that you want , from getting what you want?

Often people come to do Mentoring in Yoga or Mindfulness because they want to improve, learn and grow.  There is an underlying desire to serve or a feeling that there is something holding them back from reaching their full potential.  Having support and guidance to achieve goals is valid. We generally get a hit of feel good chemicals when we achieve a goal. But this may not help with self worth if your perception of the world is being tainted by certain beliefs you hold about yourself. It makes sense that there is the perception that getting what you want (achieving your goals) will make you happy. Although this does bring temporary joy into our lives the real value lies in what you are learning in the process itself.  (Often we don’t stop to reflect on this) Are we training our mind to appreciate the path not just the rewards?

Yoga (beyond the physical practice) ultimately creates behaviour change. Not only do we learn how and why the mind does what it does , we can be introduced to practical exercises (for the body and the mind) that can ultimately give us a better perspective. Perspective shifts is what creates change in behaviour, our thoughts and believe it or not this has the biggest impact on how our physicality responds.  Learning how to change  our perspective can be our greatest ally when it comes to managing our energy so we can direct it toward the things that matter most in life. A healthy perspective becomes the fuel for our goals and creating abundance. (love)

In yoga there is the story of Laskshmi which signifies abundance ~ I vaguely remember hearing a story being told in a Yoga Class during my time in Lake Tahoe and although I cannot remember the exact sequence of events,  I do recall that all of the goodness that Lakshmi brings got taken away because it was not appreciated.  As a consequence there had to be a lot of effort and discipline to bring Lakshmi back so she could give her gifts of abundance & prosperity.

Apparently as the story goes it took one thousand years for her to come back (to rise out of the ocean) but she did eventually return.  Sometimes it does take a jolt in life to realise what we have.  It also may take years, even decades to create the life that once upon a time we dreamed about! The never ending chase or grass is greener syndrome can kick in when there is fear or when self care practices get put to the side. We can be more easily triggered.  I heard a scientist once say that a cell cannot move toward something and away from it at the same time. We are no different. It’s hard for us to give to this world, to appreciate abundance if we are running away.  Running away can be in the form of always trying to get more (while we are doing this we cannot fully be with what we have got)

Before we jump into setting our 2020 goals in order to bring “more” abundance (in what ever form you view that as) , perhaps it is worthwhile to reflect on all the moments over the last decade that helped you feel good.  For me its often the simplest of things.  Like today at yoga class watching the white cockatoos come and join us and pick the seeds off the tree look down and release them onto the yoga students . Watching yogis laugh the more and more seeds that landed on them and their mats .  The birds gazing down, tilting their heads to the side, throwing even more little seeds onto the students, when it came time to relax in savasana. Once the class was finished they promptly flew away.

Making time for our yoga can help us train for those times in life when things feel like they are getting thrown at us. It can teach us we do actually have a choice, to move, to stay and enjoy what you learn in the process. It can teach us about nature (inner and outer) and nurture (our ability to self care)  Regular time in reflection is part of nurturing (even if that is laying down under a tree looking up at cockatoos as they drop their little seed bombs (and other bombs apparently;) It can help us keep a healthy perspective. It can help us look at life with wonderment and less fear. It can help us set boundaries.  Although it may not prevent you from getting shat on every now and again, it can help you see this is ‘nature’ and all the more reason we need to nurture!!

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Here’s a little Entree of “Nurture” before setting your Goals for the New Year 

Close your eyes , take a deep breath.

As you begin to extend your exhalations

Notice the skin soften and rest your chest.


Listen to the sounds furtherest away

The ocean within your breath,

The sounds of the day

Now bring that same attention up nice and close

Relax your hips like soft cloth and feel the breath through the nose


Like a movie reel being played across the lens of the heart

See the moments of these past ten years

Ones that helped you feel good, places, people or having the courage to make a new start

Feeling good has a big spectrum from feeling happy or belly laughing with tears

To joy and excitement from  a day well spent

To moments of simplicity of ease and content


It’s normal for the mind to latch onto moments which represent

The flip side to joy , the ones we may resent.

That’s just the negativity bias of the brain doing its thing

It’s why we practice meditation and refocusing


As you let your memory offer you moments in time

That gave you a little uplift a feeling of lightness , or being on the receiving end of kind

It’s the simple things that are the big wins , you can feel it from your head to your toes

You begin to realise gratitude with how your breath flows


Let this nectar of abundance be felt in your skin

Gratitude is not what you get but what you give

It creates a feeling from within



For me being under the (self imposed) pump

Can make gratitude at times feel out of reach

These are little speed bumps

Reminders to practice what I preach


When you achieve a goal

To become wiser, a better parent, partner, lover or  to do your very best

It’s realising the person you are becoming in this whole life process

This is what will truly nourish your soul

This is the real test, to move from dis-ease to feeling whole.


It’s showing up fully,  knowing there are no guarantees

That the outcome will go the way we want

But with faith comes the ease.


The real lasting value is not having achieved the goal

But the person you became in the process

Truth be told.


Sometimes we don’t detect our own growth as its seemingly small

That’s why reflection is important,  look back on it all

Remember how many times over this decade you got up from the falls.


We are too busy sometimes , always striving , but do we see

There’s been many experiences in ten years that have helped create ‘me’

Take time to celebrate not only achieving many goals

But honour the person you have become in the process

It’s a form of self respect and self belief that gives back to your soul.


Without a doubt you have discovered many things

Over the last ten years

You reached goals, spread your wings

No doubt you’ve conquered some fears


Of course there’s been some tough times

But for sure , moments of bliss

There’s so many opportunities to be grateful

This breath , this ocean , just this , just this


Reflect on all those moments you leant a helping hand

To people you know and perfect strangers

A listening ear to understand

You just ‘being’ there can make someone else’s day

Take time to acknowledge this , don’t let the negativity bias get in the way


Take the heels of your hands to touch

Open & point all ten fingers up

Each representing a year of the decade that you have grown very much

Let this lotus mudra remind you, you have a full cup


Happiness from achieving the goal is not what lasts

Focus on the person you became in these ten years that have passed.

Who you became in the  process of achieving your goals

Take time to reflect, and acknowledge you are whole


Now lay down for a moment and let your whole body rest

Lotus Mudra opening , each finger like branches into the lungs across the chest

Trust that in these last ten years you have done your very best


When you have let this appreciation run through your veins

Be grateful for all you have learnt , for all you have gained.

It is not the end result that holds the gold

It’s who you have become in the process of living life

Truth be told.


As you role onto your side

Slowly open your eyes

Congratulate yourself for taking time to



Trust the time spent in reflection will strengthen your goals

Let them come from a place of realising

You are already whole


What would you focus on if you had the belief that  you already have a life well made

Perhaps the focus would be gratitude


Thankful to all of you who have shared the practice of Yoga on and off the mat over the last decade and more . Enjoy your break with some gratitude practice.




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