The Mindfulness Practice of what takes place when you put your mobile phone down

Recently I was on my way to teach at Yoga Fest Mackay and I made a conscious effort to practice one of my all time favourite ways to keep Mindfulness simple and yet so rewarding  (I find it has to be at times when working and reaching for the phone allowing yourself to be ‘on’ becomes habitual)

Ironically enough I don’t have a photo to show you of the view I mention on this particular day as I had put my phone down;)

When you put the phone away 

So many people in the airport busy as can be

Hooked into devices

Their attention, not free

I scan around, no one looking up

Overhearing people talking to computers with ear plugs

Some a little abrupt

My eyes catch some different energy

Two people engrossed in each others words

Making eye contact

Actually connecting, being seen, felt and heard

What was different I wonder

Their eyes shining bright

Laughing and listening to one another

It was that there was no mobile phone in sight

Another thing that struck me

As I walked the tarmac to the plane

A team of footy players

Connecting, laughing doing the same

The energy feels different

When you are present with those around

Energy is more alive

When you are present with your surrounds

As I put my yoga mat under the seat in front

As I take my seat on the plane

I thought perhaps what makes a team successful

Is being present with each other, it may also help them win the game

I look out of the window

The ocean as far as the eye can see

Mobile phone put away

So I can just be

From above, the sun

Hitting land and sea differently

Bringing everything to life

With light so majestically

How many times have I missed this I thought

How many wasted flights

Undoing the habit

Always being plugged in

A chance to see beauty down there , from up here

Helps you feel it from within

I am glad I made a conscious choice

To put my mobile phone down

So I get to enjoy the beauty

Happening all around.

As I look out of the window of the plane

Sunlight running through the earths rivers

The lands personal veins

Let the mind drift

Let it look out over the sea

Do nothing

Let yourself be

Don’t underestimate the power

Of giving the mind nothing to do

It’s here where it fuels up on ore and wonder

Allowing the lifeforce to flow through

Putting you back in contact

With all that is here

Letting attention be free

Is a doorway to feeling clear.

So when ever you are feeling

Overwhelmed or a little confused

Remember giving your mind idle time is healing

Because the mind like anything doesn’t work well, if it is overused.



Although here is another view where the only intention for having the phone this day was so I can look back on this to “remember” when you begin to sweat the small stuff to not forget the bigger picture! We are just a drop in the ocean of this big wide world

Sometimes you need to work hard to gain perspective again , but it is always worth it !

Don't miss all there is to see ~ the world is a mystery Namaste Tammy xox
Don’t miss all there is to see ~ the world is a mystery
Tammy xox

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