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How Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training Helps you Find Courage Self Worth and Connection

“I have learnt that people always appreciate transparency and and the courage to be vulnerable as it builds a bond of trust which isn’t always easy to find. I have also learnt you are just as worthy as the next person” 

A big congratulations to Lucy Cutforth from the UK who recently graduated from Level 1 200 hour Yoga  NRG Teacher Training. Lucy was due soon after her training to be getting married and heading back to the UK. Given such sudden changes recently due to the Corona Pandemic , Lucy and her partner have had to put everything on pause.

Below Lucy shares some insights about how this form of the Self Study that is part of Yoga has helped her build courage, discover insights into her own patterns, triggers, put the brain back together, ease struggles of questioning ‘what’s wrong with me’ and above all build the strength to put yourself out there and know you are just as worthy as the next person.

“My yoga journey started in a studio setting, but now I don’t think twice about whipping my mat out anywhere it deems necessary (and there are always many) When ever I need an escape or about to kill my fiancé 😉 , I roll out the mat. With mindfulness my mat becomes a safe haven , a magic place that literally rinses my problems, worries, confusions, frustrations away in a matter of minutes.

I can turn up like an enraged banshee and an hour later float out of the door like a cloud. It’s like I’ve just poured myself upside down and taken out the trash.

It hasn’t always been simple though – I found myself feeling a different emotion each time during a class; relaxed , sad, happy, angry…Crying in Savasana wasn’t my finest moment! The deeper I got to understand yoga , I realised it was all just a way that helped me process what was bothering me subconsciously, that I was unwilling to face directly.

I don’t only use my mat as a dumping ground for my issues, but a place of self discovery, enlightenment, fun and comradery. No other exercise or practice brings me to be entirely present. You would think sitting with yourself and your broken brain would be the last place you’d want to be, but yoga has a way of putting it back together

“It takes deep courage and strength to put yourself out there in uncomfortable and unfamiliar situations in order to grown and change. Since moving to Australia a few years ago , I struggled with trying to build new friendships and would often find myself questioning “what’s wrong with me” With living away from my family and friends and not having the reassurance of being able to see them, these thoughts would often be fed and expand bigger and bigger in my mind.  I would overthink situations yet to come, which in turn would make me act differently and not be the real me in front of people who were in turn probably just as vulnerable and self conscious as I was.

I have learnt that people always appreciate transparency and and the courage to be vulnerable as it builds a bond of trust which isn’t always easy to find these days beneath the fakery and BS we are exposed to in everyday life , especially on social media platforms.

Courage helps me massively when it comes to my day to day of my Yoga Teacher Training Course. From the vulnerability of sharing personal experience (through writing this) to stepping into and attending new classes with strangers. These experiences has helped me learn and grow, and has by far been some of the best experiences for me personally when it comes to taking a leap of faith and investing in yourself, who you are and showing that you have just as much to offer as the next person.

I have learned to embrace each and every yoga practice and how different and unique every detail is about that class, each time. From the environment, the other students, the things that don’t always go perfectly, like getting a pose, or falling off balance. Not worrying what anyone else thinks, taking joy from the messy, not taking it too seriously and just embracing myself and every other person there with our imperfections and moments exactly how they are; never perfect!

When teaching, I have compassion for others and realise that my courage and vulnerability as a teacher is no different to each and every other person that shows up to their mat.  Each and every student has a story and probably moments, hours or even days of doubts about themselves and their ability to do yoga. I will respect every individual and build connections by being honest with them as they are with me, showing my vulnerability as a nervous new teacher and that we are all in this boat together.

It is a constant work in progress to remind yourself ow you are enough and recognise your worth but until you recognise that imperfect IS perfect, you will never truly be happy, be able to be your best self or live to your fullest potential

I always wish I found yoga sooner, but now Im able to look back and understand that yoga came to me at the most important and perfectly timed, time of my life!!!


Lucy Cutforth

Lucy thank you for being brave! Your equanimity during times like these , to teach and serve even on the backend of realising you are having to put your wedding on pause and cannot travel home as planned is a heart felt inspiration!  Thanks for sharing yoga with the Yoga NRG community and teaching your donation classes at Moffat Beach.

We all hope we are back outside at the beach “all together” very soon, in the meantime we are all in this together as they say and are right behind you and beside you – thanks for showing courage, acceptance and sharing your love for Yoga.



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