Notes from the meditation cushion – There is nothing wrong!

We come to the cushion with worries or concerns
Sit down , become quiet, drop in and learn
Give ourselves permission to settle in
Remember our Inner Resource and begin
Sense the sensations of the body and notice the breath
Let go of right or wrong this is not a test
Follow the breath through the inner rings of the nose
Notice the entire body as sensation head to toes
Welcoming anything that arises as a messenger to help you see
You can come back to your Inner Resource to set yourself free
Mindful to remember what your heart truly needs
This voice is not complex , its gentle yet clear
It’s not an “I should” or from a place of fear
Generally one word answers like SIMPLICITY or LOVE
A feeling from within moving out , support from above
Thoughts and emotions pop in to be seen felt and heard
Even judgements like “I am wasting time doing nothing” or “how absurd”
Mind getting hijacked by thoughts of the past
Come back to the body these do not last
Hooked on random thoughts or perceived problems to be solved
Come back to sensing the body is it hot or cold
Head dropping forward oh no not the chicken nod
Only the half way chime oh my god!
Then something comes in ~ what qualities of mind do I wish to make strong?
I fall awake and realise there is nothing ‘wrong’
Nothing wrong with falling asleep
Nothing wrong with what ever feeling I meet
Nothing wrong with sadness
Nothing wrong with fear
Nothing wrong with who I am

I see it all roll out from a stable place
No judgment just awareness from a heart felt space
I get up from the cushion it’s easier to smile and appreciate the day
Nothing wrong , just contentment
Happy Sunday
xox Tammy

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