FIRE UP YOUR INNER ATHLETE – THE RUNNING WARRIOR Raising Funds For Kids & Supporting Max to Run the New York Marathon

Yoga: perfect complement to our inner athlete
If you are an aspiring runner, a weekend warrior, a seasoned runner looking for the benefits of cross-training, or just keen to explore your body from the inside out, the Running Warrior Sessions are calling you.
Sports don’t really get us in shape. In fact, sports get us out of shape. Sports develop tight muscles and uneven use of muscle groups, or the uneven use of one side of the body. And, if your favour sport is the couch – the same applies Running is great for the cardiovascular system and clearing the mind but it dramatically tightens the muscles at the back of the legs. Hip stability and mobility, a sub-set of core strength, is the runner’s powerhouse. If this powerhouse is not working in union, the body is not in flow, surfacing as chatty, tight muscles that inhibit the joy of running or work their way to injury. This is your body talking to you and it wants you to listen. Yoga is the perfect complement to running (any sport that elevates the heart rate) as the asanas or postures offer techniques to incorporate balance, muscle conditioning, enhanced strength, increased flexibility, and to free the mind.
The mediative practice of yoga can sooth the heightened emotional state that likes to bring self-doubt to reaching our potential. The primary functions of yoga are to rid the body of obstacles, as well as calm the mind. The performance of our inner athlete can be greatly improved through yoga practice.
The bottom line – rather than warming the couch over winter, come along to the Running Warrior sessions and fire-up your inner athlete. All levels of fitness and experience are welcome. Ask yourself, “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” The yoga mat is talking to your tight muscles.
Participating in one or all of the Running Warrior sessions passes the positive energy forward as Max is donating funds from the sessions to Team for Kids charity to compete in the New York City Marathon. Team for Kids fund programs to combat childhood obesity and empower youth development via running, activity and wellness education for disadvantaged kids. Your movement is their freedom….become an activist by being active.
Find out more or donate by checking out Max’s Team for Kids fundraising site
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