Yoga Food Nutrition & Mindfulness

Some great philosophy to consider around “diet” when deciding what is best.

Personally here are some tips I’ve found useful :
It’s not only what you eat but what you absorb ~ get educated about this

If you’re eating well but still struggling energy wise it may be useful to see a Naturopath or Ayurvedic Dr. for guidance on making sure you are actually absorbing. Winter is a classic time where those who are naturally “dryer” in there make up (Vata) may go out of whack, have more trouble being grounded & absorbing the goodness.
Warm foods so your digestive system doesn’t have to work as hard, Ghee, and herbs to help you absorb, feel grounded may be useful for example.

Your body changes just like the weather so should what you eat the key is to notice

Notice how you feel afterwards rather than treat food like religion or put certain rules on yourself to only feel guilty when you break them.

“there is no “one” best diet for all just like there is no one best yoga”

In fact, observing what you take in and how that effects what you give out is all part of Yoga. It’s worth learning about how the mind and how it’s fed literally effects your gut/hamstrings and happiness.

These are just some of the topics we look into when taking our Yoga deeper & it’s some of the more worthwhile benefits of doing Yoga Teacher Training for your own personal development.

It’s a great foundation for self-inquiry, experimentation and service.

Thanks to the teachers out there who inspire us to pay attention, give us the freedom to experiment and support us to listen & follow our own wisdom


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