Why it’s easy to be tossed about by the wrong doings of others – How Long Slow Deep Yoga & Mindfulness can help set us free

One of my favourite quotes of all time when it comes to taking care of the mind (which influences so much of how we feel physically & mentally)

“Don’t let people walk through your mind with their dirty feet”

This is one of the Gifts within the practice of Mindfulness & Meditation.

Those who may find themselves getting hooked into thoughts of what others maybe doing or saying & wasting more of their precious time , there’s a practice that helps us build resilience, get clear on what deserves our focus and most importantly let go of stress and tension.

It can be easy to be triggered or tossed about by words or actions of others, which can set off a chain reaction of thoughts.

We cannot solve this or get relief from how shitty it may feels through more thinking. However what we can do is some

Long Slow Deep Breath work,

Long Slow Deep Stretches

which together can turn our mind inward toward what we are feeling so our focus can be a form of healing.

It’s called deep LISTENING

Not to the thinking mind but to the subtle sensations & pockets of silence, those sacred little spaces that reveal more truthful guidance

“Do not let people walk through your mind with their dirty feet”

If someone has wronged you in some way how much more of your attention (your energy) do you want to spend on them and away from your life NOW in this moment

This is not easy as the minds nature is to get stuck on the wrong doings (our in built the negativity bias) This is why Meditation is necessary and beneficial ~ it helps change the sticky state

A great compliment to it is moving your body in some Long Slow Deep Yoga Stretches

It’s not esoteric it’s neuro science that intuitively we all know. We forget though when we get too busy or distracted by people’s dirty feet.

Namaste 🙏


Looking forward to sharing Long Slow Deep Yoga 3 Day Immersion ~ we have just had someone change to live online option so there’s now a spot available in person


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