Walking Frame Blues ~ The Socrates I met during my Sunrise Meditation today

So I get out of bed, taking a moment in my meditation to feel into what I needed most this morning.
Feeling a little contracted at the thought of wow I need to get a lot done today in a short amount of time! (Im currently in Gladstone delivering the last block of Yoga Teacher Training,in particular delivering the Mindfulness Module. I tend to wonder how on earth I can get a clear and helpful point across when Ive only got a couple of hours to express and give people a sense of a practice that has existed for thousands of years. I sat up in bed, closed my eyes to meditate still feeling a little tense at the thought of “How on earth am I going to fit it all in and do it justice!

‘Just get out in nature, get some fresh air’ a post meditation whisper. Even thought pull to do more “planning” for my session I was going to deliver to the community was there, I listened rather than get pulled by my habit thought of “Ive got to DO MORE”

So I grab my cup of tea head down to the beach in Gladstone. Just one car in the parking lot, not a soul around on the beach. I started with a deep breath. Right walking meditation Tammy ‘get focused’ (serious stuff this walking meditation right;) Then I looked down and noticed this:


Ah a white feather ~ lightness!!
I take a few more steps with a nice deep breath and I remember – be light! Don’t take yourself so seriously

I look up and I see this :


I stand still and take in the good , literally breathing in the rays of the sun like nectar for my soul

I continue on my walking meditation, step by step
and notice this:


So much beauty to take in – how lucky am I to ‘BE HERE’

Earlier as I got out of the car I thought I had heard someone sing out
I’d heard what I thought was ‘doof door’ music from the only car in the car park at 6am in the morning
My first judgment “Hooligans playing loud music ruining my walking meditation;!”

I take another glance of what’s in front of me, feeling as though I had started to slow down, get out of my head about ‘How much I had to ‘do’ and just simply take in the view:


I walked back to the car , looking at the only other car in the car park I had witnessed earlier , noticing it was not “hooligans” it was an old man at least in his 80’s I think
He waved me over to his car and says come listen to this!
Ok I said, curious and interested after my meditation walk
He wound down his window
The blues type beat coming from his car stereo
He says this is ‘Old Seaman Dan’ Its called Wheel Chair + Zimmer Frame Blues!

Listen to the lyrics they are really good:

And here is what the lyrics and this old guy taught me before I went and gave my talk on “MINDFULNESS”

Step by step is what it’s all about
No need to rush about
No need to hurry , enjoy your days
Because we’ll all end up meeting at the pearly gates anyway

I was that blown away in that moment , looking at this old man as jolly as ever
I asked could I get the rest on a little clip on my phone – he agreed
And I said to him

I will pass this on
I got my car with a bit of a tear in my eye and the old man drove away

This experience is yet another reminder about Non Striving and Trust oh and Non Judgement (you were not a hooligan after all, you were Socrates in disguise popping up at the right time to be my guide ) ~ just a few of the Pillars of Mindfulness all in the space of a few special moments during my walking sunrise meditation this morning.

Noone else around, noone to be found
Just me looking at the Sunrise my only thought : How fucking profound !

Ive posted the video clip up on the Yoga NRG Facebook Page as promised for those of you who came to my Introductory Course on Mindfulness who wanted to see it.

Don’t rush, slow down and enjoy your time HERE NOW

Where are we rushing to anyway?



xox Tammy

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