You are currently viewing Two Detectives were asked – How do you handle people lying to you all the time?….Find out How Mindfulness helps us respond

Two Detectives were asked – How do you handle people lying to you all the time?….Find out How Mindfulness helps us respond

Recently I was involved a group discussion around Mindfulness and someone asked Two Detectives that were there – “How do you handle being lied to all the time”
Their answer was a good example of a practical and beneficial response to help the mind stay focused and do its job (In this case Finding out the Truth)
The replied were …..
“Stay curious about what the motivation was behind the lie”
Another was “Don’t take it personally”
Detectives need ways of staying focused to do their job effectively
Nothing will cause a loss of focus on the bigger picture (finding out the real truth) than taking things personally. Taking things personally triggers the reactive mode and can change our perspective in a way that is not always beneficial when it comes to keeping a clear mind.
Mindfulness Based Yoga has some really good tools in it that can help strengthen the beneficial qualities of mind. These can help us fulfil our “duty” what ever that is.
I’m sure we all know what it’s like to get distracted by this reactive mode and then not complete or focus on the tasks that were important to us ?
Police maybe armed with weapons / tools but ultimately it’s how they use it as to weather it’s harmful (Himsa) or can set someone free
The mind is a tool also, the Yamas can be tools …. but the skill in Yoga & in life is how we use it that makes the biggest difference.
So what does this have to do with the Yamas & Niyamas in Yoga ?
Be Mindful how you use them!
They are “suggestions” tools if you like that when sharpened & used wisely can calm the reactivity to the stuff that goes on in the mind . This helps free us of unnecessary tension . Not only does it help the body to function at its full potential, it improves our quality of life & energy levels.
With each Teacher Training we touch on these limbs of Yoga.
The Yogis say focusing on just one of the Limbs deeply can help you realise the depth of the benefits of all of the others.
Hence it’s good to keep reflecting on how these relate to you personally & put them into action in a way that brings you peace.
Gandhi is one great example of this.
Admittedly reflecting on these have had ups & downs for me…. for example this second of the Yamas “Satya ~ Truthfulness” .
Attaching to the idea that “people should not lie” versus accepting the Truth that humans do (we all) have in some way shape or form .
Lies hurt but further suffering comes from taking them personally in my experience.
When considering the Yamas I’ve found it more beneficial to observe them curiously in myself & others ….. a bit like a curious scientist (or detective 😉) they are not there to over identify with or to take them personally, (when someone doesn’t practice them including you) but to help you steady the mind. They are “practices” To help you get to know thyself, to realise freedom “moksha”
My initial contemplation when I first read about these, over 20 years ago was pretty black & white the Truth is the Truth…
Thankfully Yoga has a way of revealing new insights as does meditation & mindfulness each and every time we practice
It is always “To be continued….”
If you’d like to find out more about the tools used to take care of your mind or how Yoga & Mindfulness can help us respond better to potential triggers , we have our Mindfulness Teacher Training Program coming up in May . Private Mentoring & Programs is also something of great benefit when it comes to study of the self to help in your personal or professional life.
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