Three Part Yogic Breath – The fourth step and its links to Mindfulness – Find out more in our Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training

The Yogis would often describe the breath in the ancient texts as starting from the belly and ending up in the chest, nose & inner ears.

Often in yoga we teach a Three Part Yogic Breath and it has many variations.  Those of you coming to our classes and / or our Teacher Trainings can learn about the therapeutic benefits of different forms of breathing practices (pranayama) Private sessions are also a great way to discover more in-depth techniques and which a best to help certain health issues. 

There is a Fourth step in the “Three Part Yogic Breath” that’s the most powerful & beneficial when it comes to healing & learning from what you are feeling.

This form of Mindfulness is simple yet profound
Not only does it help you process by giving yourself space

It helps you LISTEN and connect to all that’s around

Some call it GRACE

Connection like anything gets stronger when you Practice

Listen Meditation.….
Close your eyes
Take your awareness to where your
Deep belly breath
Meets your Ear Canal
As it rises up to your chest
Stay here
Stay hear
This is one of my most enjoyable ways to Meditate
It’s simple
It gives you SPACE
It keeps you here
So you do not waste
Your time
The Yogis use to describe the breath in some lineages as starting in the belly and finishing up behind the nose & ears
The 4th part is to LISTEN
Enjoy your practice
Find out more about the links between different forms of Pranayama, Mindfulness & Pratyahara (Withdrawal of the Senses) in our Upcoming Long Slow Deep & Restore Immersion & Teacher Training

Questions are answered

Things become clear

Fears melt away

As clarity appears


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