The Board Meeting Surf Charity Yoga NRG and Sunshine Coast Council making Yoga & Mindfulness accessible for Carers

Yoga NRG & Mindfulness Training Australia together with The Board meeting a Sunshine Coast surfer based Charity who helps support families with children with disabilities and Mental Health issues & Sunshine Coast City Council will be supporting our community to stay physically and mentally healthy by making Yoga & Mindfulness accessible.

“Every cent the charity raises goes to help families in need . Thanks to the generosity of our local support base they were able to help 95 families in the past 12 months.
The Board meeting is often looking for local service providers to team up with to provide support and vital services to their many families in need. We have teamed up with Yoga NRG to be able to offer free yoga to families specifically Carers who are supporting children with special needs considerations”
Gordon Barratt ~ The Board Meeting Surf Charity

The Sunshine Coast Council have joined the partnership in supplying a venue & Yoga NRG are opening these classes up to the public also at a low cost of $5

“This is a great initiative & an extremely important one given the alarming stats regarding mental health. On the flip side, it’s inspirational because of the large evidence base regarding Mindfulness-Based Yoga not only getting people moving and releasing stress, it has a huge ripple effect for our whole community.
It’s a great way for the community to get heavily subsidised Yoga by high-quality teachers who are passionate about community health & development. In the process, the community will be giving back to Carers and Families who really need the support.

Mindfulness and Yoga help us to deal with challenges, take care of our vulnerabilities and take responsibility for our health and wellness.  Regardless of what other aspirations you have got in life, whether it be looking after your family, being successful (whatever that is for you), without your health it is hard to do anything with quality.

Carers give so much and it is vital they receive.  The Board Meeting has given so much to families by way of equipment and support to families with those with special needs.  It’s inspirational to see and so exciting to be on board 😉 with people who are passionate about Health Promotion and Prevention.  I’m sincerely grateful to Gordon Barrat and Dave Dawson and to Cheryl Patterson from the Sunshine Coast Council Community Development Team and all they do to bring initiatives like this into fruition. Im also extremely fortunate to have an amazing and passionate Yoga NRG team of teachers who are on the same page, who have witnessed first hand the endless benefits of Yoga and want to share them.   Thanks to Nik from our team of teachers also for putting in her time to search for a suitable venue in the Nambour region for the classes to go ahead.

It’s been a long term dream to bridge the gap and join experiences from my Nursing career in Health Promotion / Prevention having witnessed the outcomes of stress at one end of the spectrum at the hospital bedside, with my other passion of running  Yoga & Mindfulness Training Australia to create something that is proactive and sustainable when it comes to health and wellness.

Yoga NRG will be putting all profits back into the project to be able to continue to offer YOGA FOR FREE TO CARERS REGISTERED WITH THE BOARD MEETING and also LOW-COST CLASSES FOR THE BROADER COMMUNITY.  Not only are the community getting high-quality yoga at low cost they are contributing back to their own community & in particular to families that are really needing support.


Years ago I participated for fun in The Board Meeting Charity Surf Event which raised funds to purchase wheelchairs for those with special needs and it was awesome. Ever since I wanted to get involved and support such an amazing local charity.

If you want to get involved in some way and be part of the ripple effect, just by attending classes you are automatically giving back to those who will be so grateful
~ Tammy Williams

Two new community yoga classes have been added to Nambour Tuesdays & Thursday’s 9:30 am at 6 Washington Street, Nambour.

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