How Yoga Meditation and Ayurveda can help make for smooth sailing – One of our NRG Yogis Faraday shares lessons applied from Yoga as Boat Captain for the First All Womens Pro Team to compete in the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race

Learning To Navigate the Ocean of the Mind and Sail the waves of Self Doubt  ~ using Meditation Techniques and Ayurveda…

Lessons Learned from Sailing Sydney to Hobart from Faraday one of our NRG Yogis who was part of the first all woman’s Pro Crew to compete in the world famous Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.  Below learn about :

A Meditation Technique and Ayurvedic Principles /Practices that are great for detoxification, improving circulation and cardiac health and other techniques that can help when experiencing self doubt.  All of these practices the Yogis used as just some of the tools to help calm the reactivity to the stories of the mind.

Faraday was a pro sailor for twelve years, then moved to Bowen to start a family.  After having two children Faraday completed our Level 1 200 hour Yoga NRG Teacher Training and has since gone on to do our Mentoring Program and teach at our NRG For Soul Retreat in Bowen last year.  Faraday had not done any professional sailing for six years she said

“so there was a lot of self-doubts”  

Faraday and I caught up in Hobart at the finish of the race and spent some time together.  I asked her what was the number one lesson she’d take away with her that evening after the race.  She said “To go with my gut instincts and trust them, not second guess them”

It was great reading her reflections she sent to me of how Yoga Meditation and Ayurvedic Practices helped her with the lead up to and preparation during the big race. I’ve added additional information for those who want to begin to practice these at home or learn more about them and why they are beneficial.

“The major thing was I was chanting to myself on the rail when I was dealing with missing family and my decision to go away. It helped me calm. Helped my breathing. When I couldn’t remember a chant I did om or so hum meditation”

So Hum meditation is a meditation technique that can be used in conjunction with the breath.  Some Yogis teach that this is the articulated form of the breath; meaning “I am that”

Inhaling “So” Exhaling “Hum” can help focus the mind, relax the breathing and help us experience breath/body connection. In Mindfulness Training (Level 1,2 and 3) we look more into the technique and associated benefits such as mental clarity, and how we can include this meditation in Yoga classes as teachers.

This So Hum Meditation can also be used as Faraday has used in preparation for or during intense events that demand our full presence so we can contribute to the best of our ability.  This meditation can also be used as a tool to help shift from fight flight freeze mode into a more conscious mode (the green zone) where we can see and sense into the choices available to us and make them with an aware state of mind versus a reactive (automatic pilot) state of mind. Therefore making it a useful go to meditation to help calm the nervous system and help with triggers.

During my role as a clinician when I have been delivering breath meditation and have had clients who have had PTSD or acute anxiety, to ask them to focus and be with the breath can be overwhelming so adding a mantra to the breath can help with this with different clients.  It’s accessible and can be done in short durations with a significant effect on steadying the mind.


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“Throughout the month of twelve hour days getting the boat ready as the boat captain, I always woke to hot water, body brushing, tongue scraping, hot then cold water shower.  This ritual is important to be to begin a new day”

The Yogis use tongue scraping, an Ayurvedic technique ‘Jjhwa Prakshalana’ that is a cleansing practice that helps remove bacteria from the tongue. This technique as well as skin brushing which is also a great detox technique that is good for circulation. Ayurveda is one of the key components in our 200 hour and 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program ~ it is the sister science of Yoga meaning science of life.

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Ocean Respect Racing ~ First All Womens “Pro” Team to race Sydney to Hobart


Great practice for both Yoga Teachers and students is to always take time to acknowledge how far you have come when it comes to stepping out of your comfort zone, whether it is public speaking for an hour teaching Yoga or sailing the Sydney to Hobart or just remembering your self care rituals.

One of my self care rituals and commitments that I personally made awhile ago now is to really celebrate ‘life’ and to empower others to live, love and play with their whole heart…. despite their fears.

The acronym for FEAR is





So next time you have the opportunity to make a difference or to achieve something great that will have a ripple effect to empower other women (like Faraday and the entire crew from Respect Racing) Doubt your Doubts and grab the opportunity wholeheartedly, as its not always about you ….. you never know who is watching and learning just from your example.

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Well done Faraday a joy to be there at the finish line to cheer you on!


Tammy xox

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