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Meditation Teacher Training helps us to feel connected

Craving Connection & Fearing Rejection – How Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher Training helps

Craving connection & fearing rejection is part of a very natural & normal state of mind.

I was watching an interview of the actor Josh Brolin who shared a profound reflection to the reporters experience ~

“There’s something strangely claustrophobic about being out in the middle of nowhere with no one around” she said He replied “Yes because you are are faced with no one but yourself”

Meditating on your own can sometimes feel challenging & one of the obstacles to sticking with it which is why company & practicing together has healing benefits & strengthens feelings of connection to yourself & others . It can help dissolve feelings of rejection however they show up. Company of others that are in the same boat can have a really powerful benefit to your practice. So when you do return home to practice there’s a bigger sense of peace & ease. The environment around you , your pets, plants or the sounds of nature will too become a great source of comfort without being side tracked or derailed by excessive thinking or being triggered.

If you’d like to learn more about Mindfulness & Meditation , deepen your practice or begin a fulfilling calling of Teaching Mindfulness join me for Level 1&2 Mindfulness Teacher Training

🧘 In person or from the comfort of your own home

🧘Cultivate practices that give you time & space to yourself with the added benefit of learning & connecting with others

🧘Next Group Certification Training starts May 27th.

These programs are my absolute passion gleaned from 18 years of supporting people using Mindfulness Based Therapies during both my Clinical Nursing Roles & Consulting to offer a Mindful Toolkit to help overcome challenges such as Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Pain Management , Cancer Care & Relapse Prevention Mindfulness Teacher Training helps people help people . It brings more quality & effectiveness to any role you do ~ Teachers, Allied Health, Parents, Carers, Corporate ~ any industry where expectations can become overwhelming or systems can become challenging This training helps with sustainability, health & taking in the good of life itself APPLY NOW

Numbers limited to ensure Quality Training


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