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Train The Brain to Listen to the Heart – but how….

How do we train the heart to take good care of our head?
By Tammy Williams (Founder of Yoga NRG)

“If you want to change the psychology, you need to alter the physiology first”

Every little part of the body we let lay dormant (by not moving it or accessing it) is a part of love that we cut ourselves off from feeling.

Yoga & Mindfulness is about ‘moving’ what we need to in order to Live with Heart. Consider how the author Will Johnson interprets

Rumis perspective on LOVE:
It cannot be found in the mind alone
It cannot be found in the heart alone
But it needs to be felt everywhere in the body

There is that saying ‘our issues are stored in our tissues’
Therefore it makes perfect sense that even if we ‘know’ at an intellectual level or even an emotional level what is “wrong” and what the “answers” are until we feel it in the body and actually ‘move’ our junk we fall into the same old habit patterns.

To know what you should and shouldn’t eat, or which relationships or friendships are serving us or are toxic to us is not the same as being able to act and follow through so that the head, heart and actions all align.

The beauty of Yoga & Mindfulness Practice is we become aware of our own unique holding patterns in the tissues and learn the language of our own body. Mindfulness philosophy can then help us understand our own individual way of how we create tension, how we hold it but most of all how to turn a sense of DIS-EASE into a feeling EASE.

Through various postures and learning where our breath is getting stuck we make a link between our psychology & physiology.
Yoga for the body has a beautiful way of transforming what we sometimes know at an intellectual level, into a feeling of pure love at every level – this is what helps us release our issues from our tissues so we can clearly understand the voice of the heart and get the head to trust it rather than to doubt it.

When you find aYoga Teacher to help you to connect the dots between the head, heart , matter and breath you have found something tangible – you have found the key that takes you “home”
You come to realise that tension is when you are trying to be someone else and relaxation is when you are being yourself. Yoga NRG combines the physical asana (yoga postures) with Mindfulness Based philosophy so that you can easily become
present to the Mind – Body connection and through this practice the transformation of learning who you are and who you are not happens naturally.

Sometimes all we need to clearly hear the voice of our own heart is to give ourselves a rest from our own opinions.
So where do we start – take a deep breath in – empty a long breath out – then go and find a Yoga Teacher to kick start your journey of allowing the head, heart , body and breath to have a life long relationship that will support you for ever!
Namaste Tammy Williams

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