Benefits Yoga with Tune Up Balls and why it is becoming so popular and How it helps with Mindfulness + Pain management

Yoga with Balls ~ What is it, how is it broadening the scope of Yoga Teachers  and why was it the most packed out class on the timetable?

A couple of years ago when I was invited to Perth to deliver Mindfulness Coaching and Teacher Training I went along to a Roll n Release Class with Lee Heron (who was hosting me for the Mindfulness Training) It was a really therapeutic experience and I could see why the class was full and the many layers of benefits that the practice offered.

Lee Heron shares links between stress management the diaphragm and benefits of using the Tune Up Balls:

Our modern lifestyles stimulate frequent (sometimes constant) facilitation of the diaphragm, which is one of the effects of stress on the body. Busy work schedules, less than healthy interpersonal relationships, PTSD, holding our core “in” on the inhale, mindless breath, skipping meals, sleep and schedule irregularities, ignoring emotional stresses and the list goes on… ARE all realised by the body as threats, facilitating the diaphragm and unconsciously stimulating the autonomic nervous system.

When the diaphragm is facilitated, it also pulls on the fascia of the lungs, which can lead to shallow breathing, impeding the full function of the breath in delivering blood to the heart. Contraction of the diaphragm also pulls on the fascia of the peritoneum (gut area lining), which can impact digestion, bowel function and hormone balance. The myofascia’s of the diaphragm will also be taught from constant contraction. This can negatively influence the psoas and quadratus lumborum QL, who share its fascia and attachment points.

Apart from the stresses of modern life triggering its facilitation, the diaphragm cannot fully relax if there is constant tension in the iliopsoas, psoas, iliacus, quadratus lumborum, esophagus, and lungs which cross through it/share its fascia. In addition, peritoneal cavity organ disorders or adhesions (rampant due to a high number of appendectomy, GB removals, hysterectomies, c-sections, bowel surgeries, estrogen dominance and endometrial growth etc) can pull on fascia causing diaphragm contraction and/or impending relaxation.

The great news is that the diaphragm is under both conscious and autonomic control, which is where Yoga Tune Up® shines with tools to relax this incredible muscle. Relaxation of the diaphragm helps to increase the dominance of the parasympathetic nervous system due to its close relation to the phrenic nerve and minimizing the risks


Other Benefits of Yoga with Tune Up Balls:

  • Provides a deep tissue massage to release knots and trigger points while activating connections to key respiratory muscles that support your spine and core.
  • Great for pain management ;”The soft pressure from the ball stimulates receptors in your muscles and tendons as well as in the different layers of fascia. Input that can help your brain re-interpret signals that were previously thought of as nociception and therefore interpreted by the brain as pain” ~ Tune Up Fitness
  • Improve circulation, release tension and increase the range of motion with certain sequences and exercises using the tune-up balls
  • Given the practice requires you to slow down and feel the various sensations in the body, it is a great doorway into learning more about the first foundation of mindfulness (Sensations of Body and Breath)

Given the statistics on chronic pain, practices and alternatives to help people manage their pain is of increasing interest.  Especially in the areas of relapse prevention.

I think Yoga Teachers and studio owners are in an ideal position to upskill in therapeutic approaches and integrate Mindfulness with Practices like Yoga with TuneUp Balls. This broadens their scope as Yoga Teachers, giving them more opportunities to help people and work in a variety of settings.

With the strain and overflow on our current health care facilitities, I think there is more need to find ways to support peoples healing processes and prevent the ripple effect of poor stress management.

Lee’s first Roll n Release Feature on the Sunshine Coast was Full and due to demand Lee is returning in December to deliver a 3 Day Roll n Release Teacher Training and will Co-Facilitate a component on the Science of Fascia during Long Slow Deep Yoga Teacher Training with me.

We have already got a number of people from all areas traveling for the training and I personally am looking forward to having members of the Yoga NRG Team being trained in this method so that we are able to offer these classes to our Yoga Students who are already attending, and to those private therapy clients I am seeing for pain management using Mindfulness Therapies.

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