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(Posted by) Tammy Williams (Founder of Yoga NRG + Mindfulness Training Australia)
Tip for a Happy Friday from the Sutras~
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Moderation can be a tough gig.
Integrating the actual teachings of yoga on the mat while moving and moving often, over time creates behaviour change for the better.
You get rewarded with vitality.
When I’m moving & getting to my practice regularly I sleep better, eat better, and I don’t need as much as I think.
Initially to get the discipline takes time, or if you’ve fallen off the wagon it may take a bit to kickstart the engine.
Personally I’ve found attending Retreats, Intensives/Trainings & regular one on one time with some of my teachers beneficial to not only reignite but to get the moderation happening again to a healthy degree.

We have quite a few people over the years attend our Trainings to come back to being able to prioritise wellness again.

Yoga is the science for Wellness.
Without wellness our other aspirations & desires don’t stand a chance.
It’s that simple.

It takes time & support because there’s so much more to yoga than just the postures.
So rewarding because it’s application to quality of life is never ending ! It’s worth it.

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