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“Rebels with a Cause” – Getting to Know Bryan Kest



Tammy Williams (Founder of Yoga NRG) Interviews Bryan Kest – One of the most Straight to the point, Fun, Keepin it real Yogis of our time…..

What is your take home message for people just starting Yoga

Don’t stop and if you don’t like the teacher or the class try another one, because the same routine is experienced totally differently with a different instructor. Like your lover, some people you are chemically attracted to each other and some you aren’t.

There is so much to choose from as far as Yoga Styles go today. A lot of people think that “Power Yoga” is ‘non’ traditional and more about physical than it is about the other limbs of Yoga – how do you see it?

It depends on what your definition of tradition is. Christianity is non-traditional. If Jesus stayed traditional we wouldn’t have Christianity. If Bruce Lee stayed traditional we wouldn’t have Wing Chung. If Abe Lincoln stayed traditional we’d still have slavery. Who fuckin’ cares about tradition? Now, if your definition of tradition is the essence of yoga which is love and union and balance and harmony and awareness, then Power Yoga is very traditional.

 What is the most important thing with regard to how you live your life?

I try to live my life with as much awareness as possible. I try to practice what I preach.

What has been your most profound/deepest lesson on the Yoga Mat and off the Yoga Mat

I’m constantly blown away about the things that once worked for me on the mat that don’t work for me anymore. And I notice how my body, my mind and my needs have changed. It allows me to not be so attached to my own opinions on how this yoga should be practiced, because I know they will change. This allows me to give the students a lot more room to find what they need rather than jam my own opinions down their throat.

How have you brought this with you into your life?

I do the exact same thing with people as I do with my students because there is no difference between teaching yoga and interacting with other relationships in my life.

What’s your top 5 tips/advice do you have for Yoga Teachers or those who are thinking about Yoga Teaching.


1. If you love it, then teaching makes sense.

2. If you are going to teach, come in to it with as little expectations as possible.

3. Sometimes building a clientele can be challenging.

4. Teach what you practice.

5. Try to make all your students feel comfortable and accepted.

How do you cope with blending Yoga & the Business of Yoga

Do unto others as you would like others to do unto to you. Business is no different than any other aspect of life. Treat people with respect, treat people with kindness. Act with morality, ethics and honesty.




What’s the best way you enjoy having fun?

I enjoy my family, how I feel after a yoga practice, teaching, gardening, hiking.

Your Favourite quote or saying….

“Knowledge is experience. Everything else is just information.”- Albert Einstein

Who inspires you? – Rebels with a cause.

BRYAN will be making his VERY FIRST VISIT TO QLD (Brisbane) and 2nd time only to Australia Aug 25th & 26th –  TO BOOK – visit our Yoga NRG Events Page we are filling up quickly!. Stay updated with Bryans Tour on our Yoga NRG Facebook Page & Accept your invite here

4 Comments to '“Rebels with a Cause” – Getting to Know Bryan Kest'

July 18, 2012

Bryan! What an inspiration. Can’t wait to meet him in the flesh and learn from him.

Laurie Gracie
February 3, 2013

What an inspirational interview.I liked the way Brian described yoga as love, union,balance, harmony and awareness. Such important qualities on and off the mat! When you teach yoga with love and allow your students to be, it is the most rewarding and (for me) life changing experience. Keep up the great work Tammy :) Laurie xx

February 4, 2013

Thanks Laurie, we are so lucky to be able to share this and Bryans approach is simple and clear and ‘non-competitive’ – so fortunate to have him teaching in Australia xox Thanks for sharing Laurie

February 4, 2013

Was great to have you there Mary-Ann, hope you had a great experience :)

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