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(Posted by) Tammy Williams (Founder of Yoga NRG + Mindfulness Training Australia)
Staying Power & Patience in Yoga & Mindfulness and Why Yoga & Mindfulness Work to Help us in Relationships
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Challenge for yr Tuesday ~
1. Show up.
2. Stay with something long enough you begin to understand it.
Yoga Poses are no different to relationships. They teach us who & how we are.
They thrive on presence and good listening skills.
Yoga & Relationships complement each other. Going to Yoga strengthens relationships.
And our relationships strengthen our Yoga😉

We learn more about how and why Yoga & Mindfulness works in our Teacher Training & Personal Development Programs . There are many different styles but there is a common thread at the heart of all types of Yoga.
Learning to Teach is the best way to understand what that is.
Namaste 🙏
Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training 2020 is starting to fill .
Contact us for more info 0439418571


Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 3.28.22 pm

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