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ROLL & RELEASE 30hr Certified Teaching Training with Lee-Anne Heron

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ROLL & RELEASE 30hr Certified Teaching Training with International Roll Model® Method Teacher Trainer,    Lee-Anne Heron ND, ERYT, YACEP, Yoga Alliance Expert Teacher Designation


Date: Sat 30th Nov-Tue 3rd Dec


Sat 30 Nov:
 5:30pm-7:30pm Compulsory Masterclass

Sun 1 Dec:
9:30am-5pm The Roll Model®Method Science of Rolling

Mon 2 Dec:
9:30am-5pm  The Roll Model®Method Ball Sequencing & Innovation PLUS Teaching Skills

Tue 3 Dec:
9:30am-5pm Yoga Training Australia Roll & Release Teaching Skills

Attend all hours and complete homework for certification
Complete and extra online examination to register as a Roll Model® Method practitioner and join the worldwide registry.


“I have been practicing yoga since before the millennium and in clinical practice as a naturopath for almost as long. This rolling practice on the yoga tune up balls has invited me to experience parts of my body like never before, my spatial awareness (that is awareness of my body in space and body part in relationship with body part and in relationship with breath) has significantly enhanced my physical and mindfulness practices in yoga (finding different range & mobility even after 10yrs of practice as well as heightened awareness) and other movements which translates to life off the mat and I am so inspired to share this practice.” Lee-Anne Heron ND, ERYT, YACEP
No pre-requisites. This is a training for anyone who is interested in self-care and to empower clients, students or family with self-care practices. A wonderful tool to enhance yoga, pilates, PT, NKT, coaching, massage, physio, chiro, osteopathy + more as a 1 on 1 tool, group class offering or simply weave a short sequence into coaching and other style classes. This training will equip you to use all ways.
DAY 1 – Masterclass: experience a whole body roll out in an embodied practice
DAY 2- The Roll Model® Method: Science of Rolling
DAY 3- The Roll Model® Method: Ball Sequencing & Innovation + Yoga Training Australia Myofascial Lines
DAY 4- Yoga Training Australia Teaching Skills Lab: Teaching practicum with feedback


Fascia Anatomy & Physiology
Pain Science
Bony Landmarks
40 Knead to Know Muscles – attachment points, main function, daily use activities
Overview of Myofascial Lines & TCM Meridians
Science of Roll Model® Method techniques – 9 techniques over 3 days

Masterclass includes whole body roll out
Over 10 sequences: *neck *shoulders *arms/hands *pecs/chest *diaphragm/breath release * low back/glutes * quads * backline/hamstrings/calves * shins/ankles * feet/plantar fascia
Using all 4 ball sizes in sequencing

Teaching Considerations in Sequence Design(audience, location, purpose of class, mood + so much more)
Finding your voice in teaching roll and release
Art of language & cueing
Sequencing for prehab, rehab, performance (strength, reaction time, mobility, co-ordination), posture, breath dynamics, pain, down-regulation (stress release) and more!
Modifications & Assists
Practice teaching (design sequence and receive feedback)
After this lab you’ll be ready to teach whether in 1 on 1 environment or to group class.

More info on the Science of Rolling module click HERE.
More info on Ball Sequencing & Innovation module click HERE.

Required Reference Material:
Trail Guide to the Body by Andrew Biel
The Roll Model: A Step-by-Step Guide to Erase Pain, Improve Mobility, and Live Better in Your Body by Jill Miller
Recommended Reading: Fascia: What It Is And Why It Matters by David Lesondak



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