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Make a bigger differnece!


Nb: Trainees may take the Modules in any order and take up to Five Years if required to complete or complete the Modules over a shorter period depending on Electives. 

Includes 4 Blocks of 4 day intensives listed below: 

Modules shown in order of dates.  Note Modules A,B,C can be taken in any order and spread out over a number of years if required. Module D however needs to be taken as the final Module as this Module draws on knowledge from all previous modules. 

Students who have already done Mindfulness or other Modules subtract that cost from the total shown. 

Contact us to send out full schedule start/finish times for each day. 

Thur 2nd 5:30pm start- Mon 6th March 2020 (TBC)
The Subtle Body & Creative Sequencing 
(Mod C) 

Fri 15th - Mon 18th May 2020 
Mindfulness Level 1 Training 
(Mod A) 

Fri 26th - Mon 29th July 2019
Assisting Adjusting / Energetic Alignment / Alternative Sequencing (Mindfulness Based Chair Vinyasa) / Mudras / Soundtracks for the Soul / Music + The Mind
(Mod B) 
2020 Date: Fri 26th-Mon 29th June 2020 (TBC)

Integration Module D Oct 16-19th 2020 (TBC)
Topics listed in long description
(Modules A,B,C need to be completed prior to Module D) 

Pre - Requisite :
Currently enrolled in/ completing  or completed Minimum of 200 hour  Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training with any fully accredited Yoga School 


Yoga NRG 500 hour Yoga + Mindfulness Teacher Training Certification
500-hour / Level 2 Certification
Includes 150 face to face contact hours of “Core/Mandatory”modules
Delivered via 4 x 4 day blocks : Blocks 1-3 plus the Mindfulness Level 1 (all included in price) 

plus 150 hours chosen from our Elective Modules (individually priced as per Module in addition to the Mandatory Modules) 
(Students can choose the timeframes of which modules they take and when, spreading them out over several years if they choose)

Expanding Your Scope + Speciality as a Yoga Teacher
~ Making a Bigger Difference

This program is to help teachers explore, develop and teach multilayered classes, workshops, retreat and corporate programs in a variety of settings.  You will broaden your scope to adapt your skill set and engage individual students and groups from all walks of life Develop more depth, confidence and understanding , so your classes are Mindful, Purposeful,Therapeutic &Uplifting.

What is included in 150 hours of Mandatory Core Modules:

*   Energetic Alignment, Adjusting and Assisting
*   Reading The Body, Breath + Energy Centres ~ Anatomy of the Subtle Body
*   The Effects of Emotions on the Physical Practice of Yoga 
*   The Art of Creative Sequencing including peak poses &/or specific areas of  focus
*   Workshop,Retreat and Program Design
*   Mindfulness, Mudra , Metaphor
*   Trauma Sensitive Practices
*   Exploring the Sutras on and off the Mat
*   Yoga Nidra + Pranayama
*   The Art of Meditation
*   Teaching Philosophy
*   Overcoming Obstacles in The “Business”of Yoga

Includes manuals for each module, program templates, sequence sheets, case studies. An index of multiple asana categories, how to assist , mudras, breathing techniques and guided meditations

Includes guest speakers and specialists in their fields

This training also includes the opportunity to put your skills into practice in a variety of ways so you complete the training feeling confident in your integration of them as a teacher.

50 Class Pass / 6 month with Yoga NRG
(plus choose from Electives List on our Teacher Training Page for additional 150 hours) ~ see pricing as per each Module for Electives such as 
Long Slow Deep, Mindfulness L2, Kids Yoga Teacher Training, + more
* CONTACT US to discuss our training pathways and which may suit regarding electives to choose from for your own areas of interest
*   Many of the above modules are also pre-requisites for assisting Tammy in Yoga NRG training, retreats or corporate programs
Payment Plans available - support@yoga-nrg.com


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