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(Posted by) Tammy Williams (Founder of Yoga NRG + Mindfulness Training Australia)
Mindfulness Based Restorative Yoga taught me more about alignment of a different kind . By Tammy Williams
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Getting caught up on the “rules” of how things should be can put ourselves and others under unnecessary stress and block the natural process of intuition . It can also cause “overdoing” things to be just right. Perhaps perfect “alignment” can come from supported rest.

I remember being a little dumbfound when one of my Zen Teachers, Mark once said to me that part of Mindfulness Practice is supported rest. Fondly this became my most advanced yoga practice, and I actually needed tools for this as it wasn’t looked at kindly by my conditioned ego:

“Head down, bum up , work hard, keep going, you haven’t finished everything, you don’t have time to rest”

What’s been great is the self inquiry aspect that helps me discern between conscious rest as a practice and disassociation.

Admittedly Restorative Yoga wasn’t my favourite way to practice yoga as it seemed like a lot of fussing around to get the props just right, “to much trouble” and “I’m wasting time stuffing around here”.

However using my Zen practice and making this not only a form of mindfulness but a ritual of doing nothing in a very supported way became a potent way to practice. Potent because out of letting go always comes a very deep form of “alignment”.

Asking what is “alignment” truly? is a good contemplative practice….

I remember seeing the potency of using bolsters and offering props, when a student who could go all the way in most of the poses in Yin Yoga without needing support, asked how do I get more stretch.

I offered a bolster “maybe less stretching yourself and more support” I will never forget this student and the conversation we had.

Although we maybe able to look after ourselves and do it all on our own, sometimes we all need support.

In my experience I’ve found value in learning how to ‘support’ this inquiry , not only propping myself up with bolsters , propping my soul up with supported rest.

Make decisions that come from an open heart but a realistic mind. (1)

It’s like saying to the heart, here I’ve made you a home, a resting place for you to just be.


Looking forward to joining together with Kirsty Innes to share Mindfulness Based Restorative Yoga Teacher Training to help others meet the challenge of resisting supported rest.

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