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Osho – Meditation brings all that is valuable in life: truth, freedom, celebration. It gives your heart a dance, it makes your being full of songs; one loses all seriousness. Seriousness is pathological. It is an ill state of affairs, it is not healthy. The meditator takes life playfully. For him the whole existence is just a beautiful dream and life is acting: do it with totality, but without any seriousness. And if you are not serious then there is never any frustration. If you succeed, good; if you fail, good. Neither failure brings misery nor success brings euphoria; one takes both things with deep equanimity. One remains undisturbed by success or failure; one remains absolutely unmoved, centered, grounded.

Meditation makes you the center of the cyclone. Life comes and goes — the meditator remains unaffected, even death is just a drama. Just as he enjoys life, he enjoys death; he can laugh in life, he can laugh in death.

Meditation is the greatest miracle there is. It is the greatest gift that has been given by the awakened ones to humanity. Science has given many things, but nothing compared to meditation; and one cannot conceive that science will ever be able to give anything comparable to meditation. Up to now meditation has been the greatest gift to humanity, and it is going to remain the greatest gift forever. That can be safely predicted for the simple reason that science goes on studying the objective world; meditation gives you mastery of your subjective existence, your inner world — and the inner is always higher than the outer. Science cannot be greater than the scientist, obviously: the object cannot be higher, more valuable than the observer.

Albert Einstein has given many great things, but nothing is more valuable than Albert Einstein himself — and he remained unaware of himself. He became aware of this fact, but very late. Just before he dies he confesses to a friend “Next time, if I come back to life, I would rather be a plumber than a physicist. I would like to live a simple life.” But he did not know that plumbers are not living simple lives either! Life without meditation — whether you are a plumber or a physicist makes no difference. But one thing is certain, that he became aware of the fact that he had missed something.

This is the right time for you, this is the age that one should start getting involved in the inner. Then there is time and there is space and there is energy to do something. So feel blessed that at the right time you are becoming a sannyasin. You need not to die feeling that you have missed.

Source – Osho Book “The Golden Wind”

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