Become a Mindfulness Coach

The POWER of Mindfulness

MINDFULNESS is at the heart of what YOGA NRG is all about

The Benefits of Meditation - Jon Kabat-Zinn Outtakes of The Mindfulness Movie
The Difference between Intuition + Emotional Impulse Overcoming Fear of Waisting Time or Missing Out

Scroll down to see more clips of Tammy Williams interviewing Dan Millman on Mindfulness + more

These skills will last you a life time

Yoga Teacher, School Teacher, Parent, Athlete, Psychologist, Health Professional or simply any human being wanting more clarity, peace, connection and joy in life will benefit from learning about MINDFULNESS.

Evidence Based Benefits & What Mindfulness Can Help With

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Challenging Life Situations
  • Sleep Issues
  • Grief & Loss
  • Decision Making
  • Developing clarity and intuition
  • Chronic Pain
  • Substance Abuse
  • Concentration & Focus

Our Mindfulness Courses are Not Therapy. They are:

  • Educational Based with Practical Tools & Exercises
  • Applicable to Modern Day Life
  • Delivered by health & fitness professionals that have had experience in Yoga, Meditation &/or Education or Medical/Nursing profession.
  • Course facilitators are members of either Yoga Alliance &/or Yoga Australia
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Mindfulness & More

Mindfulness Meditation has endless benefits. Enjoy the live footage below of Tammy Williams (Founder of Yoga NRG) interviewing Dan Millman (Best Selling Author of Way of the Peaceful Warrior)

Tammy asks Dan questions sent to her by the audience. She also invites Dan Millman to lead discussions on some of the Pillars of Mindfulness and related topics including:

  • The Power of Awareness
  • Discernment + Clear Seeing
  • Greif + Loss
  • Love, Sex, Heartbreak + Addiction
  • The Phases of Spiritual Maturity
  • The Traps of searching for a Guru
  • How to find a “True Teacher”
  • Co-dependency Control + Serving the Higher Good
  • Fear of: missing out, wasting time or making the wrong decision
The Power of Awareness + Forgiveness The Power of Mindfulness, Imagination + Intuition Vs Logic
Enlightenment Sex + Desire The Phases of Spiritual Maturity
Enlightenment + Mindfulness Meditation Greif Loss + Heartbreak
Dealing with Strong Emotions Yoga & Mindfulness can help you LET GO OF SELF DOUBT

More videos can be found on our Yoga NRG YouTube Channel

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Follow our new Yoga NRG Instagram page to see more short inspirational clips from Dan Millman

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CLICK HERE FOR Frequently Asked Questions about our Mindfulness Training Programs.

NRG© Level 1 Mindfulness Coaching Course

This course is ideal for those wanting to:

  • Deepen their own Awareness & Understanding of Mindfulness Meditation

  • Develop the skills to work with life challenges
  • Integrate Mindfulness Based Education within their current roles (eg as a Teacher, Parent, Partner, Health Professional, Psychologist, Fitness Educator)
  • Understand the workings of their own mind
  • Learn ways to develop a disciplined practice by applying general techniques to daily life
  • Teach basic mindfulness techniques
  • Great for Yoga Teachers or other Health Professionals (eg Personal Trainers) to diversify their dialogue and techniques to be able to offer more to their clients to improve their health
  • Nb - Level 1 combined with Level 2 gives you a full 8 Session Program Structure (pre-requisites apply ask us for details)

Level 1 Mindfulness Coaching includes:

  • Course Manual, Course Text Book with CD (This will be sent out prior to the course and is pre-reading)
  • Daily Yoga (asana) Practice with Tammy
  • Daily Lead Mindfulness Based Mediation
  • Practice Teaching (for those who are using this course to learn how to incorporate Mindfulness in their Yoga Teaching or current health/education/fitness roles)
  • Structure / Lesson Plan examples for Sessions 1 - 4 (out of an 8 session Program)
  • Self Inquiry
  • & Scope of Practice
  • Post Course Assessment + review of non contact hours

Course Requirements

  • 40 hrs contact hours
  • 15 non contact hours
  • This is a pre-requisite course for our Level 2 Mindfulness Training
  • This course can be used as CEP’s / CPD’s (Continuing Education Points / Continuing Professional Development Points for professionals such as Allied Health Professionals, Fitness Professionals, Education Professionals (such as Teachers) - each professional organisation has varied requirements of CPD/CEP’s, please review the requirements regarding minimum number of hours required to meet the recommendations of your governing body.

Nb this is the pre-requisite to go onto complete the Level 2 component in order to comply with the minimum number of hours recommended for Mindfulness Meditation Teaching


NRG© Level 2 Mindfulness Coaching Course

This is a 50 hour module that can be done as 5 day intensive or held over 5 various days throughout the year (generally on weekends)

You will be taught how to deliver

Sessions 5-8 of the full 8 week mindfulness immersion programs How to conduct and lead group questioning and manage group dynamics


  • Mindfulness MP3's
  • Transcripts and Lesson Plans
  • Workbook & References
  • One day silent retreat
  • Certificate of Completion (100hrs) in total
  • Mindfulness Master Class/workshop

In addition to Level 1 & 2 attendance at a 10 day silent retreat is recommended.

"There is energy and pleasure when the mind is present"


This TEACHER TRAINING PROGRAM will equip teachers, parents, child care workers, health professionals and anyone spending time with young people with tools they can use within their current roles or develop the confidence to deliver a full term program.

Subject topics of this 5 session program include:

  • Body Awareness Training with Yoga
  • Mind Awareness Training through observing thoughts, feelings and emotions.
  • Stress and its implications to growing bodies and minds
  • Fun & Creative approaches to mindfulness activities
  • Communication - learning how to listen to the body and make friends with the mind and therefor each other!

Form of Delivery:

This training is split into 3 Modules run as a 5 day intensive or held as single day sessions throughout the term.


  • Workbook, Texts, Mindfulness & Yoga Class Recordings
  • Assessment - Practical & Written
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Continuing Education Points with Yoga Australia/Yoga Alliance.

NRG© Mindfulness Coaching Sessions

via SKYPE : yogaNRG
via Phone: 07 5491 6780
or at our studio location)