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From your very first YOGA NRG CLASS you start feeling better simply because your body & mind has just begun to become cleaner or less cluttered. The move toward harmony begins immediately.

THE NRG TEAM is a team of dedicated health & fitness professionals who commit to empowering YOU and the wider COMMUNITY to be healthier, happier and more aware of how to love themselves at a very holistic level.

This means education about fitness, nutrition, how our body works, how our minds work but most of all how to create better relationships with each other – beginning with yourself.

Meet Our Yoga NRG Team

NRG stands for “Notice” + “Respond” with “Grace”
Our team of teachers, health + fitness professionals are committed to supporting you on and off the yoga mat. To help you learn how to use your body and breath to create physical fitness, a



Founder / Principle Teacher / Author of NRG Training Programs

Tammy Williams has been running Yoga Teacher Training, Mindfulness Training, World Class Retreats and Events across Australia for many years. She has been invited to teach YOGA + MINDFULNESS at Yoga Festivals, World Famous Music & Arts Festivals such as Woodford Folk Festival & Fitness + Personal Development Conferences for companies such as GE Finance and the QLD Police Service and is invited by yoga studio owners to mentor and deliver training.

Tammy has been in the health industry since 1994 and has taught over 7800 hours of yoga classes & training. Life experience and her professional career in many fields of nursing, health promotion, disease prevention has given her an understanding of the mind and how it effects all health, healing and relationship. This supports a unique and inspirational dialogue in her teaching that is open, honest and real.

“My passion is to inspire others to LIVE LOVE + PLAY with their whole heart. My intention is to be a lifelong student and teacher supporting others to LIVE their full potential by practicing what I preach as best as I possibly can”

“I love watching the sun rise, sitting silently with my cup of tea , reading and writing poetry and cuddling my dog. I love surfing and all that it has taught me about life and what it means to be part of something bigger”

“Enlightenment, for a wave in the ocean, is the moment the wave realises it is water.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

The best advice I have been given was from my Gran (from her wall hanging of desiderata)
“Beyond a wholesome discipline be gentle with yourself”





Barb completed her yoga teacher training with Yoga NRG in 2015. She is Mum of 3 grown children (23, 19 & 17) and a full-time Secondary Teacher. Barb is passionate about sharing her love of yoga as she has experienced its benefits towards rehabilitation after feet surgery and managing a stressful lifestyle. She currently teaches the Back to
Basics class. Barb loves this class it is also ideal for anyone who desires gentle reminders of yoga basics and benefits.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” ~ Gandhi

My goal is to Keep it Simple and be a yoga being rather than a yoga doing. I wish to maintain health and well being for myself and others and love integrating life experiences with yoga philosophy and vice versa. I enjoy the friendship of the yoga community and look forward to seeing you on the mat.


Bio Photo Katie

I had done the odd yoga class over the years but for some reason when I started yoga a few years ago it was love at first savasana and from that moment on I was hooked. I loved the mindfulness component and I always left yoga feeling like I was standing taller, like me limbs felt longer, my heart felt more open with peace in my mind. Ever since then yoga has penetrated deep within my soul and become a huge part of who I am. It has changed every aspect of my life, it has changed the way I’m a mum, wife, daughter and sister, and what’s really noticeable is how it’s changed the relationship I have with myself.   The reason I started was because I seemed drawn to it at that moment in time as I had just had my second baby and I knew I was craving something but I wasn’t sure what it was. The reason I keep coming back is because it makes me feel joy and happiness, it gives me a feeling of space and freedom and by spending sacred time on my mat with myself and mindful movement I feel more appreciation and gratitude towards myself and my world. As I continue to practice and learn I see so many changes in my mind and body and the biggest one to date has been my breath, through practicing yoga my breath has gone from being short and shallow to being long, smooth and rhythmical. I’ve also noticed my body transform and gradually over time I can soften into poses in a way I had never imaged I would.   I strive to live yoga on and off the mat and every day I find it easier to integrate my yoga into day to day life, thoughts and actions and I’m getting better at dealing with those moments of stress and panic and being flustered and I’m now choosing to react to things differently. I’m lucky enough to have a husband and 2 kids that are extremely supportive and encouraging of my yoga adventure and they could not be more proud of their yogi mumma.   My background has mostly been in administration and more recently with our own coffee business. As cliche` as it sounds I really believe I’ve found my purpose in life and that’s to be the best yogi mum I can and to share the teachings of yoga with others. I actually feel it’s my calling, something that I have a responsibility to do and one of the proudest moments for me was completing my Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training with YogaNRG. I’d love to help people discover the benefits of yoga and dispel the yoga myths out there and I’d love to help others see that yoga has a way of giving us what we need and can add immeasurable value to our lives. I used to describe myself as a quitter and someone who encouraged others but not myself anm very pleased to say I smashed those beliefs away and now I’m working hard on living yoga on and off the mat, practicing, teaching and continuing my learning.



Yoga calms my busy mind and helps to make me feel, peaceful and relaxed.

Why I teach Yoga: I like connecting with people, and want to share what I feel(how yoga makes me fee), I want to make a difference to their life and help people to feel good.

What my class is like: My class is always different, Its Power Vinyasa flow, with some core, and always some humour thrown into the mix (to make everyone laugh or smile). We always end with meditation (the best part).

A mantra that I have adopted inspired by Nelson Mandela :

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of the universe”

Training: NRG Yoga teacher training certificate – level 1, Certificate iii and iv in Fitness, and various other Fitness Certificates, including Pilates.


Nicole Herbert - Australian Martial Arts Champion and Yoga NRG Teacher .

Niki was led to yoga through her love of martial arts. Having trained and competed since 2010 in mixed martial arts, Niki was craving something to balance her active, competitive lifestyle and Yoga was the answer.

“Not only did Yoga help with my body’s recovery from fight training, Yoga also served as a path to understanding myself deeper and gaining clarity and calmness in a hectic world. Yoga trains the mind and body to become still and flexible. These are both excellent at-tributes to bring over to any sport or lifestyle”.

“You are unique, there has never been another you, and there never will be…so make the best of yourself” x”

Niki has an energetic and honest approach to life, she brings openness and warmth to her yoga classes.

Training: Level 1 Yoga NRG Teacher Training + Con Ed in Assisting + Adjusting




Rosie Bio

Yoga has helped me navigate the ups and downs of life with grace and ease. The mat is the one place I can always go to connect with my breath, move my body, work through strong emotion or just rest with my dog!

Rosie’s classes are rooted in vinyasa flow, with a strong focus on breathe, body awareness and yogic philosophy. Having previous worked in mental health,  Rosie loves supporting people to harness the power of yoga to achieve well-being and manage the challenges of daily life.

“When you learn, teach. When you get, give” – Maya Angelou  



Yoga is an incredible journey of self-discovery that not only has amazing benefits for our bodies and our health, but also for our mind and spirit. During my own experience; Yoga has shown me an abundance of key tools that help shape my life for the better and it is my goal and passion to help share these tools with others so that they can live a life full of gratitude, love, happiness and peace.

  I completed my Yoga Qualification through Yoga NRG – an amazing company and team of wonderful teachers who I now have the pleasure to teach with.

In addition to my Yoga Teaching certificate, I also hold Certificate III and IV Fitness Qualifications. I have always been very passionate about the health and fitness industry and have been a member of local gyms; attending regular aerobics classes ever since I was of the age of 13.

 I feel so priveledged to be a born and bred Sunny Coast girl and I am so grateful and blessed to call this place home. I love living a healthy, active lifestyle outdoors and to be able to teach what I love to others beside the ocean really makes the experience of teaching even more special.  

 I am qualified to teach Flow/Power/VinyasaYoga styles. My classes include mindfulness principles such as theming and life philosophy aswell as specially chosen readings to assist my students to take these learnings with them off the mat to help with everyday life challenges. 



I discovered my love for yoga accidently when I signed up for gym membership some 15 years ago. From my first yoga class I felt a sense of calm and balance – wholeness. As a teacher I am passionate about breath and mindfully feeling each posture. It is so important to listen to your own body and treat it with loving kindness. In my classes I like to focus on correct alignment and core control and offer a space to gently release and rejuvenate whilst combining movement and meditation for the body, mind and spirit. I frequently include Thai yoga massage techniques during relaxation to further enhance the yoga experience and for a bit of fun offer partnered postures.

I am a Sunny Coast local and share my life with husband Gordon, 8 children and 1 granddaughter and we love getting outdoors to enjoy the wonderful experiences the Sunshine Coast has on offer. Yoga has enhanced every aspect of my life, my health and my relationships. It has empowered me and these days I have real balance in my life.

Yoga is for everyone, whatever your ability and I welcome you to my classes. Give yourself the gift of yoga to enrich and enhance your life.

“Be Kind… Be Kind… Be Kind”

  • Level One Yoga Teacher Training (200 hours) – Yoga-NRG
  • Core Yoga Instructor Training –Yoga Trinity
  • Level One Thai Yoga Massage – Yoga Trinity



Katrina is a qualified primary school teacher in the private sector. Katrina having fun in side plank at North Stradbroke Island NRG Retreat:)

specailises in both Core Yoga Programs and Power Yoga. She has traveled the world as a school teacher, loves yoga and teaches with a genuine and caring heart.

Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training Certification with Tammy Williams, Duncan Peak and Keenan Crisp. (Brisbane & Sunshine Coast 2009)

Level 1 Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner Kids Yoga Teacher Training Cert
Yoga has helped me to grow and so i teach to pass on those skills to others. It is like planting a seed and watching a flower grow. Amazing transformations.

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